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I Noticed That Furax With Seismic Palm Stance Has A "finisher Combo" Now


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No one else noticed this?  Or does no one really care?


Fist weapons are not very popular right now. They are slow, short ranged, the damage is around the same as faster and longer reaching weapons and you can't copter with them. So very few people use them. At least i have not seen any in ages.

The Venka wolverine style claws have also done their part at making pure fist weapons more unpopular.


So it's unlikely many people paid attention to it's combos. Also several combos which don't have wide arcing swings to hit multiple targets are unpopular too, since the game currently focuses too much on HORDE!!! tactics to create a sence of challenge. Meaning attacks designed to unload on singular targets are next to useless (the fact that Heavy Grineer where it could be usefull always knock you back doesn't help either) in the actualy gameplay in contrast to arial attacks.


Overall nice find though.

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