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Liset / Player Ship Suggestion


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Not sure if i'm posting it in the right section but i guess it's a good place.

Anyway, as we all know the new Liset / Player ship that arrived on U14 (along with lots of UI problems that are stated in the megathread), i would like to know if we can get a place to sit/ sleep to rest on the ship.


I mean, it's true that we all get our own privacy and feel our warframes when we are in our ship. But other than just standing and walking around the whole time, what else does a warframe do?

Since everyone is so immersed in the whole Kubrow concept that arrived, how about we get - for example, a seat that looks out to the sky just before the navigation panel? I'm sure that'll be cool.

Edit: Or maybe DE wants to make the seat a platinum-cosmetic ship item...

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