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Possible Changes To The Grineer Arc Trap


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I think we can all agree that while the Grineer could definitely benefit from additional security in their tilesets, Arc Traps are definitely in the need of some work. They suffer from a number of problems at the moment, which include:


- Tendency to become unreachable (via melee or hidden in the geometry of the map itself)

- Potentially very high damage

- Damages both shields and health. This paired with the note above make the Arc Traps a very real threat.

- Constant Damage Output


All these things paired together can (and often do) make the Grineer Galleon tilesets a punishing location for players that either run melee-only builds or simply do not have themselves built up enough to withstand the Arc Traps themselves, yet high-level Grineer enemies can be handled just fine. So, I'd like to suggest some improvements and changes to the Arc Traps that can potentially make them at least a bit more fair.



1) Have them function like Vauban's Tesla. Instead of a constant stream of electricity and damage, have the traps charge up individual bolts that are fired between pauses.

2) Have them only affect shields. The main downside to the traps now is that they affect BOTH health and shields, so having them only drain/damage shields would be an improvement (at least in my opinion).

3) Have them apply a speed debuff when health is targeted directly. In other words, if shields are either drained or nonexistant, an arc trap directly hitting player health will create a small (but noticeable) speed debuff, to compensate for the lack of health damage. Think the Slow Traps in the Void, but on a smaller and less extensive scale.

4) Change the function and appearance of the Arc Traps altogether. Instead of having them be wall-mounted "mines", change the Arc Traps into Tesla Stands, which would essentially be a Grineer-themed tripod with some sort of electrical tesla weapon mounted on top. This way they can still be placed virtually anywhere within the map as before while not having to worry about being hidden behind the map geometry. This would also make them more noticeable.

5) Have these new "Tesla Stands" function in accordance with the Detection Level of the mission. Basically, have them function as normal if the player is detected and attack on sight. However, if the player is undetected and/or going for a stealth run, then the player will be able to approach the Tesla Stand and either a) deactivate them, or b) reprogram them to attack enemies. These would obviously provide some potential supporting fire in Grineer Galleon Defense Maps.


If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, I encourage you to post them!

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I have another idea in mind to make Arc Traps actually act as a tactical option for players, if you like to see it. 

You should definitely post or link it. My idea here is just a simple little thing, but if there is a possibility of adding some additional "oomph" then by all means I'd love to incorporate some stuff in.

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You should definitely post or link it. My idea here is just a simple little thing, but if there is a possibility of adding some additional "oomph" then by all means I'd love to incorporate some stuff in.

Here is the link. 




https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/236973-some-suggestions-to-improve-gameplay-edit-33-kubrow-dna-integrity-and-loyalty-improvements/ (see EDIT 20)

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The slow you suggest may be more deadly than the minor health drain >.>.


I do like the pulse idea kinda, but once again, that'd make them even more deadly if balanced around that.



I was thinking a while ago that it should slowly do more and more dmg. Be completely trivial damage at first which merely prevent your own shields from regening. But then I realized that solution didn't solve the main issue, which was that they felt cheap as hell when they go off. 


Just a buzzing noise which basically warns you one is nearby really all i think is needed.


Tbh though, I wouldn't mind it if the there were 10x as many traps right now just as long as they promise to remove fracking laser doorways on corpus missions.

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