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Game Type "hold Out" Suggestion


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Proposed Warframe Game type Project “Hold Out” 

By: Zeref_Icarus

The purpose of this game type is for players to maintain control over a fortress until Tenno forces can arrive, the longer they stay guarding the fortress, the greater they will be rewarded. (To be rewarded similarly to the survival missions in increments that happen each 5 minutes).

Reason’s to implement this Game type:


Lore: Hold out is a game type that could fit into the lore as the tenno trying to expand their influence by building, capturing or retaking fortresses on planets designed to expand their observations on grineer, corpus, infested and potentially other races activity.


Variety: The gametype is about Tenno attempting to maintain control over a fort until other
tenno operatives arrive to take over the fortress which could help utilize the current proposed plan for implementing stationed turrets and give players a very fun and challenging game mode to play.

Several different types of scenarios of this game type can exist, Tenno could end up outside the fortress attempting to break in to retake the fort from existing forces and then holding out as long as possible with 5 minute intervals (like survival) where they are offered a landing ship will land on a platform on top of the platform and will stay for up to 30 seconds for players to get to. By using a limited time for the ship to be there, it will keep the players constantly moving and engaged as well as showing the desperation making a rewarding experience. The ship landing will give players two choices that will either (a) provide them with a route out or (b) give equipment, ammo, and war trophies (mods etc) to resupply and reward the brave Tenno. 

*Side note, the benefit of this game type is that it will give players a real reason to utilize the fortress aspect for mounted turrets. A few ideas for the turret mechanism in this game is that that would have a cooldown or resupply time after using them until either the next drop ship comes in or the turret could have a set number of ammo and have to be resupplied with rounds and have to be fed by another tenno while one is shooting giving a certain limited time for players to mow down very large amounts of enemies attempting to breach the fort- this forces players to ration their bullets and makes players use it strategically during time’s of “oh S#&$” moments.


Fun: Overall, with what I’ve proposed, this game type could be both very beneficial to the game as well as an interesting and fun way to develop missions extending after these missions allowing Warframe discoveries to occur with the intel they receive from these “Fortresses” as they expand their grasp over the solar system.

The Winning Conditions:

-Players manage to “Hold Out” against enemy forces until a carrier ship can arrive to pick up Tenno, the longer they stay the more they will be awarded for their service to the Tenno order. Ships will come every 5 minutes and will only stay for up to 30 seconds for players to either resupply or to decide to leave for the main force to come in and take over. The player’s will go on indefinitely in time until they absolutely must pull out

The Deciding portion:

What I mean from this, is that when it comes time to decide whether you want to extract or not you will need to make way to a drop ship with a tenno operative there waiting to bring you on to the ship or to toss out ammo (a cool animation could be shown for airframes walking into the ship at the end or with the operative handing ammo out to each of the warframes). In this stage you will have to make way to a drop ship in order to collect regular ammo (potentially special turret ammo) and repair equipment to fix barricades (unless you want to go with automatic repairs as the wave ends).

The Losing Conditions:

- All players exhaust their revives
- The enemy forces overtake the fortress by taking control of specific rooms within the fortress
or Destroying the main generator upon breaching walls/the fortress

Game Variant A: Four players will be dropped outside of the fortress and have to clear a path to get to the fortress and then take it over, from there, players will capture the fort by eliminating existing enemies that wiped out previous Tenno operatives and Hold onto it until Tenno reinforcements arrive.

Game Variant B: Player’s will be brought to the top of the base directly to fill in for Tenno operatives that are leaving until a main force arrives to control the fortress.

In conclusion, the name I propose for this game type could be “Fortress” or “Hold Out”.

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