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What Kubrows Need


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1. Map marker - half the times i have no idea where my kubrow is - and if i see it taking serious damage, i cant help.

2. AI fix - it seems to run often too far away from its master, ignoring mobs around tenno.

3. Add bedding or allow it to walk around in the ship. Why is a grown up kubrow taking up incubator space?

4. Separate mod category.

5. Show under equipped mods.

6. Doesn't alert when upgrading mods beyond kubrow capacity.

7. Link the Maturation to a fixed time ( like 24h) instead of 2 resets - it adds too much extra rng on top of rng and already long wait time.

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I second this.

Kubrows are getting stuck sometimes and are not able to follow you until you go far away and they teleport to you.

Also adding a marker that will tell the kubrow where to go, just like marking mods, resources, etc.

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u can get anything from 24h to 48h if u claim at the wrong time and miss the resets ( timezones)


That isn't RNG. RNG stands for random number generator, and the time at which you choose to take it out of stasis/hatch it has nothing to do with RNG. It really just comes down to player choice.

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