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I Now Have 4 Raksa.. Wheres The Rng



Since I have found 4 eggs so far and bought the required slots, and I did rush incubation periods(that one is on me) I feel a bit cheated in the fact that all my Kubrow have been Raksa. Does anyone know if our accounts are assigned a specific breed? and only by buying imprints from others can we possibly make another type of Kubrow?


I was hoping the 'start random genetic' would actually give something other than 1 breed. So who else has encountered this? Or has someone had more than one type just from using the random selection?

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In the past few days since U14, I got 4 eggs, this was the result:


1. Male Raksa

2. Male Sahasa

3. Male Huras

4. Male Sunika


...I'm now the most hated member in my clan.


Assuming each breed has an equal chance, I think what you just did has a 9% chance of happening.

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yep you are now the most hated person for the next 5 mins -.- good to know its only my RNG that sucks, not a broad bug that they are going to fix. The way they talked about it before they said ' you can influence how it will turn out' I personally thought that meant there are status bars that decrease during incubatino and filling them up somehow made a difference but again, like everything they have to rush it all and put it out there just so they can keep the game rolling in money(which i understand why though, since they are independent)

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