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New Colors Are Kinda.... Hm.


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Alright so with the newest hotfix coming up and changing colors up a bit, I'm pretty happy with how it affects energy colors. I can finally get my detron, supra, and my continuous beam weapons energy colors to look the perfect purple that I have been trying so hard to get previously.


But.. the colors on weapons and warframes and general has really kinda. hm.


let's just. looks at some before and afters.


Nekros before: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/40848547409060863/848CA9A2B5DE51BE04DF30B8CED1479F9B546885/


Nekros after: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/40848702808829686/DC91BC8EDA705FBF358AE018FDB3B5A41B894E16/


Loki prime before: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/40848702808837911/B68AB3E3D3B470FBEB20A979647EC94C7691AE23/


Loki prime after: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/40848702808823591/241592A89708D4BBE25D03B6B3B07F27D3479BED/


These are the same colors. No color choice has changed in any of these screenshots. As you can see... well. It just doesn't look good anymore. at all. The gamma pack doesn't help at all honestly (and I've actually run into a color that was literally the same as one I've been using from another pack? ?), but free colors are always nice. But now the colors in general are a bit harsh and plastic looking. And this isn't just on the colors I'm using here, it's on most of the other colors I've seen.


So like, yeah. New colors work perfectly for energy, but for everything else it's just. a bit too harsh on the eyes. more than a bit. a lot.


I'm sure you guys are gonna be dealing with a lot of people complaining about this, so I'm sorry for contriburting to what might be coming. but. I really just. yeah. Will they change again ? maybe. But for now I guess I've gotta find some other color alternatives. I'm very picky so that's gonna be hard haha but .  ok

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I worked really hard to find good color combos for my frames. It's rather annoying that they all got super saturated and look nothing like they did. I thought the whole point of having "Classic" and "Classic Saturated" was to resolve that issue.

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i'm only annoyed that i don't find a good blue colour now, all my frames were White and Sky-Blue. now my sky-blue turned dark blue. all the blue colours i have and find are either too dark or too pale now.



Do you have the Easter color palette by any chance? that has a nice sky-blue color.


I mixed in a little of Ice too. The Easter sky blue Color is on the chest shoulders and I think leg pads.





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