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Check Out These Kubrow Imprints! Auction Inside!

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Since posting these beauties in the megathread I have been hammered with interest in buying my imprints.

I have both imprints for all 3 Kubrows. I will only sell the imprints as pairs.

I have a start price and a buy it now price for each Kubrow.

Auction Price is for Both Imprints for one Kubrow.

Auction will end on 7-29-2014 @ 12:00 PM CST barring any unforseen issues.


Please post your bid offers here in the thread or message me and I will clip and paste bids..


If you feel the price is too high feel free to look elsewhere as I have priced these according to the plat I spent on scrambling etc and will not entertain any lowball offers.


Please make sure to note which Kubrow you are bidding on in your posts!


Thank You for looking and best of luck to you all!



First up we have Rasputin.

Rasputin is a beautiful Tiger Striped Raksa Male.

Starting Bid: 150 Plat

Buyout: 300 Plat

Current Offer:    No Bids   



Next we have Winter Fury.

Winter Fury is a great dark on light Lotus pattern Huras Female with dark socks.

Starting Bid : 250 Plat

Buyout: 500 Plat

Current Offer: 350 Plat  Winner: Jehdin




Lastly we have Wild Fang.

Wild Fang is an absolutely gorgeous Blue & Black w/ light striping Lotus patterned Raksa Female.

Starting Bid: 400 Plat

Buyout: 900 Plat

Current Offer: 900 Plat Winner: VanguardOne


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400p starting bid and an almost 1000p B/O on that 3rd one? You may want to look that over buddy. Good luck regardless I might bid on the Huras.

The fact it is a Raksa, has lotus pattern, and the colors make it worth it in my opinion. I have not seen one yet I would rather have, but it is a buyers market and appreciate you taking a look. =)

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Now I see people trying to sell single imprints for 450p and some of them don't even have symbols, vanguard y u do dis now prices have gone up.

450 for a single imprint is just a waste since it does not guarantee what you are after. I will never sell imprints as singles.

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