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Opinions On Embolist



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Im looking for opinions on the embolist. The wiki says its status rate is 10% but i read it procs viral 100%. So whats the deal with it?


The wiki says it procs toxin 100% of the time, which is true, regardless of elemental combo you equip it with.


Its one of the top DPS pistols in the game, but it eats ammo and has really short range.


Edit: More info on status, lets say you add electricity to make it corrosive: It will still proc toxin 100% of the time, but has a base status chance of 10% to inflict the corrosive proc.

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Well with lethal torrent, pistol mutation, barrel diffusion, hornet strike, pathgen rounds, heated charge and pistol pestilance you have a high dmg AoE channeled lots of ammo pistol, that can actually kill bosses too, like LT Krill, since its AoE at close range is good and the Proc would be gas. And then the last mod you could add could be dmg, or ammo related or if you have it scorch for more fire dmg and status

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