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Pc To Ps4 Account Migration



I just wanted to make sure I have a good idea of what's going on. I've looked through the forums and this is what I'm thinking:


Basically, I still have a ton of Platinum on my PC account. Now, that Platinum will not migrate to PS4, correct? However, the weapons/frames/mods/etc that I have purchased on PC will transfer over. So if I'm wanting to purchase certain items for use on my PS4, I will need to buy them on PC, then start the account transfer?


I hope this make sense. I just heard about this migration and would like to take advantage of it before the deadline ends. Shame that the Founder items won't move over.


Thanks for any help/advice!

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Does anyone know if it's punisheable (i dont know if that word is correct, sorry) to have both accounts logged in at the same time? In my house i posses both the PS4 and the PC (obviously) and sometimes my brother likes to play warframe, however his account is not as leveled as mine, i would like to know if i risk a ban if he logs in my account copy at the same time as i do on PC.

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