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Artist Renders.


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So the other day i was in a game with Rebecca and decided to take some screen shots, then i went and drew them out :D


Heres the original picture: 





And heres what i whipped up:




Tell me what you think! And if you want me to make you a render of like i did, just drop a link of the screen shot into the comments! Ill happily make some renders for Y'all.

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You sure you drew that and didnt just lasso it out and apply some filters in photoshop?



what do you mean by render?


cause all i see is a filtered photo and then you erased around the frames


believe what yall will.

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i was asking what you meant by render, and you said "believe what yall will", it also says that you "drew up" the PSD you got going on there, i know alot of people who work really hard at art from scratch and get nothing and look for nothing. so it is mildly annoying when people just photoshop over stuff and try to get credit for it


i see that you have now edited it to whiped up, so i guess youll call me a liar now

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Alright then if you already knew why hassle me about it.


You dont need to let me know what i did.

he's just keeping people honest.

and too be honest he should not have too,just say what it is at the start and avoid anything like this to begin with.

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