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Dual Eathers Out -> Dual Skana - Garbage ?


Well, not at all I say!!

If you are like me using dual skana for charge only attacks, if you are like me supercharged your dual skana prior to update - fear not, you lost nothing!


Base charge damage of both is 100

Base charge speed of both is 1(dual eathers could be 0.9, but not really noticable)


The only thing that Dual Eathers do better is normal attacks, it ignores armor and swing speed is faster. Thats all about it.

Not polarity slots, same as dual skana, just a bit better at normal swings. Not a reason to put them on shelve.


Also during a livestream DE said they are going to be faster that Dual skana, but lower in damage, so they might as well be nerfed in future. Or dual skana might get a damage buff.


Just felt I need to write it...

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So ignore armor and tripler infected damage isn't going to help increase that 100 charge damage?


Charge attacks from all melee weapons ignore armor

Charge damage and base damage are completely different things.

Both dual skana and dual either are bladed weapons and both do triple damage to infected.

The case is if you are using normal attacks - then yes dual either are superior, if only charged like me - then they are equal as for now.

Charge attack with dual either or dual skana both can hit up to 3 enemy, both do base 100 damage and that can be increased with mods and both do 3 times damage to infected.

But if you are using normal attacks - why not use fang/ dual zoren ? They are much better weapons in that way.

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Em... attack range (attack radius) ?


That thing shouldn't bother you since you will be standing still near enemies mashing melee button(mouse scroll), but you won't 1 everything.

Attack range difference is not that crucial if you go with normal attacks.

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While I've not tried the Ethers yet, I've grown to like the Dual Skanas a lot now that I've learned to use its charge attack effectively. When using Excalibur I'd let those chargers swarm me on purpose, use Radial Blind, then charge, release and watch a glorious bloody shower around me - multiple kills at once.

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ALL of the melee weapons do very similar charge damage/second. The exceptions are the Furax and Gram, which do more but have a much smaller reach, and Dark Sword, which does more but hits only a single target.


DHS hits for 50% more for a 50% increase in charge time compared to Dual Skana.

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