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«_•a Kubrow Stole Me•_» Cheap Store (Mods With Description/primes)

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green-star-points-icon.pngHi and be welcome to my place. Feel free to explore and ask!green-star-points-icon.png


doublearrow_right_blue.pngThis store focus on very low prices. Even so, if you want a different trade, I'll be happy to find a good deal for us!

doublearrow_right_blue.pngMy mod list is made mostly of RARES. If you want a specific Uncommon/Common, tell me ^^!

doublearrow_right_blue.pngBe careful when around feral kubrows. Really. And please warn me if you see any in the store. They know how to disguise!


Currently: -updating store- New post in a couple of days




-Boar prime: 9p
-Dakra Prime: 6p -reserved temporarily
-Latron Prime: 6p -reserved temporarily
-Reaper Prime: 7p


Prime delicacies

2 plat tier (each piece):


-BO Prime Ornament

-Boar Prime Receiver, Stock, Blueprint
-Boltor Prime Stock
-Braton Prime Stock, Blueprint
-Burston Prime Stock, Barrel
-Dakra Prime Handle
-Fang Prime Blade, Blueprint
-Glaive Prime Disc -1 reserved, 3 to sell
-Latron Prime Stock, Receiver, Blueprint
-Orthos Prime Handle, Blade, Blueprint
-Paris Prime String, Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Blueprint
-Reaper Prime Handle, Blueprint
-Sicarus Prime Barrel, Blueprint


3 plat tier (each piece):


-Lex Prime Barrel
-Boar prime Receiver, Stock, Blueprint



Frame parts, 2 plat each piece:

-Ember Prime Chassis, Helmet
-Frost Prime Chassis, Helmet, Systems
-Mag Prime Chassis, Helmet, Blueprint
-Rhino Prime Chassis, Systems


Waframe stuff :D

estrela.png Raresestrela.png


3 plat tier:


-Constitution (C8 +10% Knockdown Recovery, +7% Power Duration) (back in stock, 1 to sell)

-Enemy Sense (C10 +5 Enemy Radar)
-Flow (C8 +25% Power Max)
-Fortitude (C8 +5% Chance to Resist Knockdown, +20% Shield Recharge)
-Intensify (C8 +5% Power Strenght)
-Reflex Guard (C1 +5% Auto Parry Chance)
-Streamline (C8 +5% Power Efficiency)
-Undying Will (C8 +7% Bleedout Reduction)
-Vigor (C8 +20% Shield Capacity, +20% Health)


4 plat tier:

-Master Thief (C1 +10% Chance to unlock locked lockers)

-Equilibrium (C5 Health pickups gain additional Energy. Energy pickups gain additional Health)


5 plat tier:


-Blind Rage (C8 +9% Power Strenght, -5% Power Efficiency)

-Natural Talent (C1 Improves casting speed on Warframe abilities if applicable. +12,5% Casting Speed)

-Rage (C30 Convert +10% of Damage on Health to Energy)


Primary things



2 plat tier:


-Stabilizer (Rifle C3 -15% Weapon Recoil)

-Tainted Mag (Assault Rifle C8 +6% Magazine Capacity, -3% Reload Speed)

-Vile Precision (Rifle C1 -10% Weapon Recoil, -6% Fire Rate)


3 plat tier:


-Accelerated Blast (Shotgun C10 +15% Fire Rate, +15% to Puncture Damage)
-Firestorm (C5 Improves the Blast Radius of the Ignis, Ogris, and Penta. +6% Blast Radius)
-Malignant Force (Rifle C30 +15% Extra Poison Damage, +15% Status Chance)
-Metal Auger (Rifle C5 +0.4 Punch Through)
-Ravage (Shotgun C5 +10% Crit Damage)
-Shred (Rifle C5 +5% Fire Rate, +0.2 Punch Through)
-Split Chamber (Rifle C20 +15% Multishot)
-Thunderbolt (Bow C5 +7,5% Chance to Explode -Use with caution-)
-Toxic Barrage (Shotgun C5 +15% Extra Poison Damage, +15% Status Chance)
-Vital Sense (Rifle C5 +20% Crit Damage)
-Wildfire (C8 +5% Magazine Capacity, +15% Extra Fire Damage)


5 plat tier:


-Blaze (Shotgun C5 +15% Damage, +15% Extra Fire Damage)

-Hammer Shot (Rifle C30 +15% Crit Damage, +10% Status Chance)
-Heavy Caliber (Rifle C10 +15% Damage, -5% Accuracy)



estrela.pngRares estrela.png


3 plat tier:


-Barrel Diffusion (C20 +20% Multishot)
-Hollow Point (C5 +10% Crit Damage, -2.5% Damage)
-Pistol Pestilence (C10 +15% Extra Poison Damage, +15% Status Chance)
-Seeker (C5 +0.4 Punch Through)
-Steady Hands (C3 -15% Weapon Recoil)
-Stunning Speed (C5 +10% Reload Speed, +2,5% Status Chance)


4 plat tier:


-Ice Storm (C8 +10% Magazine Capacity, +10% Extra Freeze Damage)
-Lethal Torrent (C10 +10% Fire Rate, +10% Multishot) (back in stock, 1 to sell)


Melee that Osprey!

estrela.pngRares estrela.png


3 plat tier:

-Corrupt Charge (Channeling +25% Channeling dmg, -10% Channeling Efficiency)
-Energy Channel (C5 Convert +50% of Energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +50 Bonus Damage)
-Focus Energy (C8 +10% Channeling Efficiency, +15% Extra Electricity Damage)
-Power Throw (C5 +0.1 Punch Through)
-Spoiled Strike (C8 +25% Damage, -5% Attack Speed)
-Sundering Strike (C8 +15% to Puncture Damage)
-Virulent Scourge (C8 +15% Extra Poison Damage, +15% Status Chance)
-Whirlwind (C5 +30% Flight Speed)


4 plat tier:


-Berserker (C5 +5% Attack Speed Bonus for +4 Seconds on Critical Hit)

-Rending Strike (C5 +15% to Slash Damage, +20% to Puncture Damage)


Meleeing is not enough, you need to look cool! Stances

estrela.pngRares estrela.png


-Brutal Tide (Sparring) -8 plat
-Coiling Viper (Whips) -5 plat
-Decisive Judgement (Nikanas) -15 plat
-Flailing Branch (Staves) - 4 plat


Be blessed! Auras


3 plat tier:


-Shield Disruption (Enemy Shields Reduced. -4% Shield Capacity)
-Shotgun Scavenger (Increased Shotgun ammo recovery. +25% Ammo Pickup)
-Speed Holster (Increases weapon holstering and unholstering speed. +20% Holster Rate)

-Physique (Maximum health increased. +3% Health)

-Rifle Amp (Rifle Damage Increased. +4,5% Damage)


5 plat tier:


-Enemy Radar (Enemies Appear on Mini-Map. +5 Enemy Radar)
-Energy Siphon (Warframe energy regenerates. +0.1 Power Rate)
-Rejuvenation (Team health regenerates. +0.5 Heal Rate)


Your friend need a hand! Sentinels/Kubrows Uncommons:


2 plat tier:


-Fired Up (Sentinel C5 +10% Overheat Damage)
-Link Armor (Kubrow C5 +10% Armor Link)
-Link Shields (Kubrow C5 +10% Shield-Link) -1 reserved, 2 to sell


3 plat tier:


-Maul (Kubrow C5 +30% Melee Damage) (back in stock, 1 left)



Currently my Arcanes have no price. I prefer to trade them, but if you have a fair value, you can pm me your price too :)


Avalon / Essence / Gambit



Leave PM here or in-game ^^ Thanks and have a nice day!

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