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Spectra, Any Good Builds?



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Low stats. Low range. Unsustainable ammo drain. Insignificant crit / status.


It's a piece of trash right now.


Put Serration, ammo mutation and seeker on it and if you still have points just jack up the mag size/reload. Use it to pwn low level stuff for fun. That's about the only build for it that makes any sense IMO.

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You are better off formaing almost any other weapon then the spectra. The spectra has less dps then the lato, limited range, and eat throw ammo like no tomorrow (at least it did have less dps then the lato before it got buffed, still sucks now even with the buff it got). But if you are determined to use the spectra:


-Hornet strike

-Barrel Diffusion

-Lethal Torrent

-Pistol Ammo mutator

-(Event Ice and fire mod for blast)

-(Event electric and toxin for corrosive)

-If you don't have the event mods mod it for corrosive and cold so you have extra damage to armor and shields, go for blast when going against infested.


That is about everything you will need to make the spectra at least decent.

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thanks everyone, And enigma ty for the details, I wasn't gonna use it for my main secondary (unless it was just BA) Shame it isn't strong i really like how accurate it is, It reminds me of the flux rifle but pistol form, Speaking of, was the buff to flux any count on pc?

Thanks 4 the tips!

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