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Melee Camera Angle


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With the introduction of Melee 2.0, I was hoping we'd get a new camera angle (which we could toggle under the options).


What I expected:

- Camera right behind the frame (centering the frame), instead of slightly shifted to the right/left.

- Camera zoomed out showing the full body, instead of only the upperbody.



Something like this:



This camera angle happened due to a bug.

As I and my friend, Blackchaosvortex, were playing the new game mode, he got bugged out and went into the spectate mode. So it's him recording me.



The current close up camera (slightly shifted to the right/left) is great for gun play. It's not bad for the melee combat either, but I'd love it if we could get a toggle option to change the camera angle. I don't know if it's just me, but the melee combat looks a lot better when the camera is zoomed out, when you actually see the full body.

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The video doesn't say anything or it's just me? I see a player sliding and killing everything...

Or you want that angle? I'd say it will be a bit confusing for the player. But an option to set it would be good.


I see no problem with the actual camera angle. (My opinion, respect it or not)

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Yes, I want that camera angle as an option.

By the way, the video serves to demonstrate the camera angle, which I clearly stated in the post. I feel like you got confused because you focussed too much on the video, rather than the textual content of the post.


Anyway, what I want is an extra feature which you can toggle on and off under the options. It will be off by default.

Once you toggle the option ON, the camera angle will change. The camera will be zoomed out showing the full body of the Warframe.


It won't be ideal for gunplay, but it will be great for melee. You may notice that this is also the prefered angle by melee oriented games.

Agreed, there is no problem with the current camera angle. This is just an extra option. I feel like this option will be used by true melee players.

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