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Reworking Of Tyl Regor And New Mission Type


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Poor Tyl Regor has been left out the reworked mix with some of the other bosses while being side-lined by Alad V many times.


One story I thought of which could be awesome, dark and bring even more hatred for our "beloved" Grineer meat-slash/bullet/punching-bags.


The continual thwarted attempts by us Tenno for each Tyl Regor mold which have attempted to further the field of Gene-Repair for the Grineer has left the geneticist maddened and crazed by the meddling Tenno. In a brush of insanity, he came up with a brilliant idea to resurrect the decaying husk of the Grineer order: by "devouring and assimilating" fresh genetic material from viable humans from a fashion similar to the Infested.


Tyl Regor would appear like a "true" human, but almost "too human" with disjointed features in the way a doll is a "representative" of humanity or WAAAAY too much plastic surgery. He has an elite guard that also look like this with bizarre "Ken and Barbie" like appearances, but disturbingly out of place or a confusing mixture of the regenerating flesh.


Both Tyl Regor and his elite body guards are superior to normal Grineer forces:

  - Increased health

  - little to no elemental weaknesses (especially viral) due to their increased vitality

  - regenerative powers (or another unit can be a healer unit for the Grineer, for instance a gene-vat which fires small healing darts filled with active genetic material).


New tileset: Civilian Cities, large superstructures with extensive outdoor regions for fighting on rooftops and running along sky-bridges/roads. The background would be representative of the planet (possibly too much to ask for) and the sounds and flashes of gunfire all around from the invading party (Grineer fighters flying around, possibly a Grineer Battleship in the skies. Corpus invading to round up "acolytes" for their indoctrination temples. Infested ships/spore pods falling from the sky... or even a mixture from the warring factions fighting over the human resource). 


New Mission types: Evacuation, Planetary defense and/or Mothership takedown. Part of the idea I've had for awhile is the idea of multi-cell mission types but that's for another day. Instead of the normal invasion missions which is essentially 5 extermination missions, Tenno warriors aid the fleeing civilian population and aid the military strength of the defense. Instead of having just waves of defense missions, maybe some fun and creative ways could be bounced around here, here are my thoughts. (Will add what I think about multicell operations in another post). The missions will randomly be made up of these 3 mission types:


 - Evacuation missions: as most people love to grind, I've put here an endless waves idea because well science. Tenno need to protect airfields or shuttle prep from the waves of forces descending on them and need to protect the running civilians/support staff. The more civvies/ships successfully take off will provide higher and higher bonuses. Or, a set number of ships that need to take off and if successful the players will receive a massive reward.


 - Planetary Defence missions: These missions involve getting crucial systems back online: Power, AA Guns, Orbital Cannons, Shield Generators, etc. Tenno operatives would need to fight their way into heavily guarded areas and reestablish control of these areas and restart these systems. hopefully kickass cinematic of these systems online to kick &#!!


 - Mothership Takedown: As the name implies - get in mothership/frigate/whatever, take out key systems: power, guns, shields, etc. then GTFO as it is gonna go down... Hopefully again kickass cinematic of orbiting assault craft getting blown to bits.


However, will be awesome idea to combine these missions with the idea I'll discuss in a later post about multi-cell missions which I think is self explanatory from the name :P

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Also next tileset is underwater Grineer labs... 


And whos our gavourite Grineer scientist? 


Also thats him with his fist weapons but he will also be getting an axe and a shield to swap to during the fight. 



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Yeah I've been out of the loop for quite awhile now... been meaning to put up these ideas for awhile :P


The problem I saw ages ago that people brought up with the first invasion missions were the actual civilians. "Millions of civilians are being enslaved" etc but we have no face for them... I want to explore the galaxy and the lore that DE are creating on the civilian point of view and see how Tenno influence is being shown as propaganda or if we are winning the support of the local normal humans... One of the best ways I could think of is helping the civilians from the jerks of the solar system...

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