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Vauban Vs Nekros



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Well, first thing:  Do you already have all of Vauban's parts or their BPs? 


Nekros isn't exactly a cakewalk to obtain, but Vauban is alert only, so if you don't have all the BPs you need already, then he's out of the running.



Second question:  How often do you fight the infested? 


Vauban is king of crowd control, as Archistopheles noted, but he mostly shines when fighting the infested.  They have to close in, so his traps are far easier to use against them then the other factions who can just shoot you from a distance.  On the other hand, Nekros is less useful against the infested then the other factions.  Again, as Archistopheles said Nekros is all about Desecrate.  Infested corpses fade quickly though, so he's less useful there then against the other factions.  



Last question:  How much mod/mat farming do you do?


The more often you're farming for specific mod drops or materials, the more useful Nekros wil be to you.



I'd personally say Nekros is more useful - there is a *lot* of stuff you have to farm from drops in this game.  But if you're a die-hard infested fighter, Vauban will be more useful. 

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I wouldn't call vauban the king of crowd control. infested crowd control maybe, it's ranged crowd control isn't that strong. nekros good for loot, oxygen and energy spawning and also has a couple decent crowd control skills (cant really be crowd control and spam desecrate build though) but is squishy.


vaubans great for support and farming infested but nekro is so good at farming it's actually how he supports the squad. the constant energy drops allows the other 3 members of the squad to non stop spam crowd control skills and gives you oxygen in survival of course. cant really go wrong with either but I know I play my nekro alot more.


all hail RNGesus

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Vauban is a lot better than people give him credit for. Because of infested defense strategies people often assume that Vauban is all about his 4, but throwing his 3 is also very, very effective. At some point I believe they made his 'grenade' deployment skills throw much farther so it's more applicable now than some of the old school players realize, and with just a common range mod Bastille becomes a huge ring. It has max targets, but it grabs plenty of enemies for normal missions.


Throwing Vauban's 3 is especially effective in PUGs because you can then shoot things that are NOT suspended while the PUGs will always aggro the stuff you suspended because they're now such easy targets. This divides up the team's fire and helps tremendously in sticky situations where normally 4/4 players shoot at the napalms and you get run over by scorpions and rollers and shield lancers. Throw it at the napalm and start covering your team/the pod against anything else still moving.


Combined with a Radial Disarm Loki, Vauban's anti-infested Vortex setup actually works BETTER on Grineer and Corpus defense than it does on the infested, as many infested enemies have longer range melee attacks, zaps, lobs and pulls than the point blank prods the other enemies use.




Nekros is for farming with a Desecrate stacked build or solo'ing content that you can't beat with RPG numbers, using Terrify + Decoys + Sustain. He is not what I'd call general utility.

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