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What Do The Xbox Players Think Of Warframe?


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It may require maintenance after all...


I see what you did here !


But, yeah, the game just got out on XB1 and hasn't been updated once. Because of Cert, DE can't hotfix the console version like the PC one, so unless there's a game breaking bug, you'll often only get one update per month. It was a bit of the same with the PS4 version, so a presume that the next update on XB1 while fix lots of bug and increase performance.

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Hotfixes for the XB1 have been released. These are sever side fixes that do not affect the content of the game directly.

The main bug fixes should come witth U14.5, and by my understanding, it should come in approximately 15 days.

Thanks for the update can't wait for 14.5 on consoles 

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