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A Unique Ammo Drum Variant?



I have read within the wiki and places within the forums of a bug that occurred where there were ammo drums with base +50% ammo maximum and with maxed rank 250% ammo maximum.


I would like to ask does anyone have this to confirm that it is true, or was it all removed after some time ago? If anyone has this, i don't mind trading for it either since i want the mod so much!



Comments section: I have an Ammo Drum that at base level, costs 2 points but gives me FIFTY percent instead of five...anyone else ever seen anything like that?



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I am PRETTY sure that was from before the new mod system came out. U7

Nope, before it was also 30%. The 50% is a special bugged variant if what those people saying are true, but i have yet to seen pictures.


Ammo drum PRIME. 


Sounds fake.



Hopefully for both. If it were true, the Glaxion would have roughly 4750 ammo maximum, that is something i want.

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