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Concept: Mlg Tryhard Frame

Guest Tehnoobshow

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Guest Tehnoobshow

So, I tried to make a frame that:


-Doesn't have any nukes

-Doesn't have any spammable damage abilities

-Doesn't have any self-buffing ability that only costs energy

-Doesn't have any duration based ability that is fire and forget, not requiring any action until it runs out

-Doesn't have any OP CC abilities that remove any sense of threat from an enemy


Hopefully this frame should be fun and challenging (in the good way) to play. Of course, the side effect of this is that the frame is completely and utterly worthless against infested. Because the Infested are still broken as F*** and are the only faction that necessitates constant ability (and weapon) spam.


I'll post some concept art once I have some inspiration for what the frame should look like. I'm thinking of a metal theme, but I can't think of anything appearance-wise apart from making it look like a Terminator.


Another cool thing is that the abilities can work exactly the same way in PvP.



1. Deconstruct 35 energy

When targeted at the any spot on the ground, it raises a chest-high metal barrier facing the same direction you are facing for several seconds. The barrier should look rough, as if it the ground was melted and pulled up in order to create it.


When targeted at an unopened Locker, or undestroyed Turret, it provides freezes all ammo and provides a bottomless clip in a radius around the object for several seconds. The Locker is opened and the Turret is destroyed when the ability ends, dropping 1 ammo pack of each type. The visual effect is a steady stream of metal shards flowing from the targeted object to your weapon.


When targeted at an unopened Storage Container, undestroyed Security Camera, Explosive Barrel, Fan, or Grate, it creates a sphere matrix made of metal shards in a radius around the object that lasts for several seconds. The sphere will block all incoming shots but allow you to shoot out. It will also send out small pieces of metal to detonate explosive projectiles long before they reach the sphere.



2. Corrupted Bullets 50 energy

You fire a swarm of metal shards in a wide cone up to 25 meters in front of you. The metal shards will attach to enemy weapons and greatly decrease their weapon accuracy. They will also be capable of inflicting friendly damage. However, enemies will deal 2x damage to you and your teammates, while also dealing 5x damage to other enemies. Both will scale with Power Strength.



3. Ferrovore 50 energy

The weapons of all enemies in a radius around you will start glowing like heated metal. When you or a teammate shoots the enemies' weapons, 2 ammo packs worth of ammunition for the currently equipped weapon will be given. This is affected by both ammo scavenge and ammo mutation, with ammo mutation acting like an equivalently ranked ammo scavenge. If current ammo is full, your magazine will be topped off. When the gun is shot, it will also explode for a high amount of  blast damage, knocking down and disarming the enemy if it does not kill (forcing the enemy to use a baton).



4. Iron Curtain 100 energy

Tendrils of metal rise up from the ground around you, grabbing enemies and eventually completely encasing their bodies with impenetrable metal that can block incoming fire, including weapons with punch through. Their heads and weapons will be exposed however (so you can use ferrvore). But the enemy will still be able to use their gun one-handed with severely reduced accuracy and fire rate. When the ability ends, the enemies will land on their feet, unharmed.

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Interesting frame very focused on gun play and accuracy (though i believe that was the intent).


Corrupted bullets seems like it will be more likely to backfire than help as reduced accuracy makes things harder to dodge (wall would help i guess) and with taking double damage things could get really sticky really fast.


An alternative could be for the spikes to break headgear causing increased damage from head shots as well as slightly decreasing affected enemy accuracy (also synergies with Iron Curtain).

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Cool idea, way better than Mesa for a gun-themed Warframe. But you have no concept art so it'll never happen. Also, the barrier from Deconstruct seems a little useless, it should at the very least block damage from explosions. Corrupted bullets should just not do the bonus damage to allies (but still deal regular damage if they stand in the way of the bullets), you don't have to worry about it being overpowered, considering all the overpoweredness that is present in other frames' abilities. Iron Curtain should not allow the enemies to fire, since it's an ultimate, and maybe it should instead be a duration based ability that imprisons a new enemy within the area if an enemy in the cage is killed.

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