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Simple Question About Dark Sector Defense



I'm only recently getting back into Warframe, as I just kinda dropped in activity around update 10. I've been running a ton of Xini defense, and finally decided to test out the Dark Sector Defense node, Akkad.


At the time the modifiers to Akkad were as follows

  • 9000 Credits
  • +30% Resource Drop Rate
  • +23% Exp From Kills
  • +18% Exp From Melee Kills

And for those pretty sizeable increases from default exp and resource rates, it had a 30% Credit Tribute, and 10% Resource Tribute, which isn't really very much for how much more of each you're gaining. For a better frame of reference, heres a comparison of a 5 round run of Xini to a 5 round run of Akkad.








So now for the question that everyone has been waiting for.  Why do essentially 0 people actually play Dark Sector Defense, or even Dark Sector Survival for that matter. I understand that there are other things that can be ran for easy experience, such as ODD or just Tower Survival, but Dark Sectors could easily grant you as much experience if you find one with fitting modifiers. I have absolutely no trouble finding a group of people on a map such as Xini, but if I want to play on Akkad; I'm essentially forced to play solo. So what gives?



tl;dr: Why does no one play Dark Sector Defense despite its absolute superiority over regular defense missions?

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