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What Is More Powerful Secondary ? Hikou Vs Despair


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My Bro Got Hikou and he said its good but Despair... Stuped Stalker Drops but anyway i need to know who is more Powerful !


Hikou Vs Despair

i think Hikou Is best Speed Looks Like Paris Prime Punch but Despair too is more damage than Hikou Just ... ill choose after the best 



Next Topic Is > Boltor Prime Vs Soma


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Despair higher base damage, Hikou faster fire rate lower damage it really depends on your play style if you like one-two shotting things go despair if you wanna feel like a crazy shuriken throwing maniac throwing shurikens at blinding speed go Hijou as for actual DPS computations I think someone here from the community will post a dps comparison of both weapons lol

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Despair blows kunai and hikou out of the water. Having more damage per shot is almost always better than shooting more things due to ammo efficiency. 


Not disagreeing, but I wouldn't say "always". Actually depends on the burst length needed actually. If I don't exceed the maximum burst length before I can recharge ammo, then having less ammo efficiency don't really matter. (e.g. carry dual vipers just to use it to kill boss).


And not specifically about hikou vs despair, proc rate is almost always higher with more projectiles. That may  be of concern to some builds/tactics.


Personally though, I prefer despair too :)

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