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Cryptic Mod Pack



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Just look at event mods from the past. These ones will be in high demand. But, really, that's only because sellers need a really good reason to let them go, seeing as they partly don't want to give them away. My advice: don't sell them, keep them.

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So while the evert was still up i recieved a cryptic mod pack, there are people selling theese for platinum, what mods were in the pack and how much platinum can i sell it for (If any)


The "Cryotic Mod Set" Are the dual-stat Ice/status mods from the event.

Melee: Vicious Frost

Pistol: Frostbite

Rifle: Rime Rounds

Shotgun: Frigid Blast


Mainly found in the market from people with Alt accounts that they use to get multiple sets.


My number one rule of Warframe. Don't sell anything that you only have one of.

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