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Vectis-Intwined (Contest Additional Stuff) My Tron Skin


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Hello there,


If you are here I am sure you are looking for my Vectis skin in order to find out more about it, please enjoy :)


Blue Render (Tron):




Other Variants:




Rendered in other software:




Full pictures of variants:















My inspiration originally began from my Brann series of skins in CS:GO. However I did not want to copy it exactly and so instead of "forcing" a pattern onto a weapon as I usually do before making sure it fits, I drew lines which followed along the shape of the weapon itself. Soon enough I noticed how it had this Tron feel and that is when I went on to add the Lotus symbol and various other bits and pieces to bring this weapon into a Warframe aesthetic as well as Tron/futuristic lights kind of theme.



Have a nice day! :)

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Dude.... you gotta teach me how this stuff works :C

Lol, honestly? Trial and error.


Story Time:

In fact I got into this by accident. I was making a huge mod for Skyrim and I was the lead director of the mod as well as lead level designer and side scripter (small scripts only). First thing I did was fire up the CreationKit and make a basic dungeon, then I added lighting and stuff etc etc.


Finally getting into the mid-game of the mod I added in lots of custom models, animations and textures and one thing I noticed is that all the modellers provided me with these "maps", I then had to learn what they were etc in order to use them properly. After experimenting with different brightnesses, environments, lighting I felt like I was confident in that region.


I then went on to make a custom textured skin (modelling was too advanced for me) for a shield, that is when I trial'd and error'd a lot. Learning what each part of the skin was, how what each polygon on the UV Chart did I had a lot of fun just making this skin and testing different parts of it under lighting to make sure it was perfect for its role (was meant to be an anti-magic skin).


Fast forward into my life about 4 years, now in Sixth Form (High School) I made 4 skins for CS:GO (they aren't amazing but I had fun doing them) as well as becoming pro-efficient with Photoshop doing various tasks. Ever tried making a male celebrity look like a female? It was quite fun :)


Photoshop is key, I suck at drawing and because of that people tend to think I am not good at art but I try

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