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Help For Akmagnus



Hello Tennos. 


I would need some advice for the Akmagnus build. 


First of all, for those who has it. What do you think about the weapon?


And second of all, I would like to know if it is better to add a elemental or target cracker that only provides 60% of crit damage. 


I want to keep it at only 3forma for now, I will see if I will forma it again.


This is the build I was thinking of:




Also how about hollow point? Is the trade-off worth it?


Thank you

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First off, hollow point is usually never worth it. It always results in a lower DPS. 


Second off, your build is pretty good. Just swap out Ice Storm for Frostbite/Scorch and you'll be fine.


Third, stick with target cracker. It'll be pretty handy.


Finally, the Akmagnus are pretty solid pistols. Definitely worth the love you're givin' 'em.

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First of all, for those who has it. What do you think about the weapon?

Also how about hollow point? Is the trade-off worth it?


Akmagnus is a very reliable sidearm that does high damage, with high accuracy, high crit chance, high status chance...   Really the only weakness is the long reload comparative to how fast you can rattle off your rounds.


Personally I would suggest dumping the Ice Storm for Quickdraw for ease of use.  You lose a little bit of hypothetical damage, but the increase in reload speed will preserve your sanity in a big way.


And this is probably one of the only pistols in the game that might actually be worth it to use Hollow Point....If give up the reload speed.  If you're going that route, you'll want to jam in some more forma and replace Jolt/Pistol Pestilence with Convulsion/Pathogen Rounds to boost raw damage, and only go for headshots to drop targets in one bullet to avoid reloading as long as possible.

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I feel that the Akmagnus is an overall really solid weapon. It has good crit chance, good fire rate and a really good status chance.

As far as builds go I use the core mods being Hornet Strike, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent for multishot and firerate, and Pistol Gambit to enhance crit chance. I did not add Target Cracker to enhance critical multiplier as maxed, it only gives a 60% boost to the multiplier.

Now we move on to the elementals. I will use the event mods that add 60% elemental damage and status chance.

For Grineer I will go with Heat + Electricity for Radiation, and Cold + Toxin damage for Viral.

For Corpus I will put Cold + Electricity for Magnetic for those shields, and Toxin as a standalone. This is because Toxin damages the health of Corpus units directly, bypassing shields. (Target cracker on)

For Infested I go with Toxin + Electricity (Corrosive) to deal with the Ancients, and heat as a standalone to deal damage to the light infested. (target cracker on)

The combination of the status mods and multishot will make you proc very often, thus giving it some utility on top of some sweet damage. I leave Target Cracker on the last two builds. Only the first build is without it.

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I'm not a numbers guy when it comes to Warframe, but 3.0 reload is just downright painful IMO.


I would do a status build centered on Stunning Speed.



Swapping Ice Storm for Pistol Gambit (crit chance) is almost certainly more damage, but I don't think you'll usually need it. I tend to think of Akmagnus as a head-hunting trash mob slaughterer where the mag size is going to be better for killing the horde in most cases and you'd be using powers or another weapon to take care of big mean stuff... but I still might go Pistol Gambit because I'm a compulsive reloader... it's a toss up. \o/


Corrosive/Cold can be swapped around to make Magnetic/Toxic for Corpus.

Impact is fine as a primary damage type for both and both proc combos are useful.

Good setup IMO.



Also how about hollow point? Is the trade-off worth it?

Again, I avoid getting too crazy with numbers with this game. Things change too drastically too often for that. But I've heard very consistently that this mod is pretty much never worth a slot.

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Yeah the downside of the weapon is the 3.0 sec reload, so I have to compensate that issue with Stunning Speed or Ice Storm. I would prefere to use those event mods since I won't need to forma and this weapon has a decent status chance so why not profit of that at the same time. 


On paper Target Cracker seems to have higher DPS than any other elemental mods, coupled with Hollow Point the damage seems even higher. But I am not sure on the practical part.

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