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Small Changes That We Want.


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Just post any suggestion you have that is not big enough to warrant a thread of its own here. Keep suggestions for new frames/weapons/whatevers out of here though. That said, here are my suggestions:



-Formas not applying for all configurations, allowing different builds per one item at the cost of more formas.


-Offering a set in trading, that takes only one slot. for example, if you have all parts of a glaive prime, instead of offering separately,  you offer one glaive prime set. This includes the blueprint.


-Buffs for the mutalist quanta. This weapon is completely useless (compared to other weapons).

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how do you even want to implement the first suggestion?
you apply a forma and you have to manually choose on which loadouts the extra polarity comes? and even if you only select 1 loadout it still resets the frame to unranked and consumes a forma?

Then i doubt many players would ever make use of it, better to craft just a second frame and make a different build there.

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you can do all warframes with 4 slots, and the only weapon i can think of off the top of my head that requires 5 slots is the paris prime. everything else is 4. so that #2 is really a non-issue. i'd like to see 5 slots, but considering we started with 3 and have gotten them to relent and give us 4. i'll count my blessings as they stand, thanks.


there are at least a half-dozen older weapons that desperately need buffs before the moderately-new mutalist quanta needs to be looked at. it's fairly functional as it stands.


as for having specific builds for forma adjustment... really, make a second weapon / warframe. it's not that difficult. (even primes)

besides, that's hella braggin' rights. ;)


as for the things i'd like to see happen...


warframe stats in the mod menu. (power efficiency / ability details / duration / damage, etc.)

fixing matchmaking to be far more bulletproof / less error prone.

improve host election. (really really really really really, :repeat:)

ditch the current dark sector paradigm. really.. just wipe it away and start over, it's screwed.

give us a dojo theater for watching livestreams / twitch / hulu, don't care. just think that would be neat.

give us a dojo hangar.

give us a dojo combat room for testing builds / retrying mastery tests for practice, etc.


that's all i can think of at 3:35 am est.

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okay in the same order you presented them


1. what??? this makes no sense. but i'm guessing you want them to apply to one mod slot? well okay, done, stop complaining


2. no real use


3. never used it so no comment

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I would really like a place to try the equipment without the need to jump in a random mission, probably in the dojo is the easiest way to implement since there is duel already. Maybe some dummies that we can change level and type, like some kind of shooting range.


Also the possibility to add notes to the friend list: no more adding some people after doing some nice runs and then forgetting who is who in the friend list the next day (at least for me, remembering those nicknames is quite hard).

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