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Really? Really, Warframe?


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Remember that big alert that gave us two Orokin catalysts? Well, I started making one, and when I got back after a day or so, it was done, but the second BP was gone. I have just recently returned after being unable to play (the problem being something I had asked to have checked that they refused to check, so I had no actual help for my issue) and now I am literally having things I have earned taken from me. I was excited to have two catalysts, because I could finally put one on my new melee weapon but still have one saved for Bo Prime when I finally get all the parts.... but if the game is literally gonna start taking things from me, I don't think I care enough to do either of those things. I've had a lot of tough luck with this game, and if it's gonna start being this stupid.... I really can't see any reason to play or suggest this game to others. Sorry if I seem *@##$y about it but... this is ridiculous.

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