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After Update Bug (14.6.0)


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Hey after the update I restarted the game and I went to arsenal, selected my melee weapon and I had 3 Combination of Mods, I had by default the Default 2 but when I switch to the Default 1 the game freezes and after restarting the game it does it again.


PS: I take this opportunity to say that Im a player of warframe since open beta and I dont have "Radial blind" Skill mod of excaulibur, I searched on wiki where it drops and it doesnt drop.

I asked players and they told me that when I get an excalibur I get all his skills which I didnt, I dont think I deleted it. I only remember of having slash dash.

(My video of warframe open beta, 

I have to say that this improved alot and its really awesome and warframe has really nice developers, which even do livestream, you guys have alot of positive thoughts by me, continue the good work. :)


Best Regards and wishes. :)


Now... help me out with this.. :P

(My newest video of warframe > 

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I have the same issue with my Kronen.


I cannot put Volcanic Edge and Fever Strike on it without the game locking up. If I put either mod on by itself, it is fine. But having both at the same time causes the game to lock up.


EDIT: I just had the same thing happen with my Dragon Nikana. I moved a few mods around, and even swapped a couple out. But once I put Vicious Frost on, and swapped its position with Fever Strike, the game locked up.

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I also have been experiencing this bug. Happens when changing builds on my melee weapon. Seemed to have something to do with adding the new frost mod to combine with another element.



The hotfix has solved the problem. Thanks DE!

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Updating this a bit. It seems the cause of this bug is indeed Vicious Frost, the new ice mod for melee.


Upon Changing from A to B on Ash. No problem.


Upon changing from A to B on Dread. No problems again, even with the new ice mod on it.




With only trying to CHANGE the placement of Vicious Frost on my Glaive Prime to get Magnetic damage, the game freezes and needs to be force shut down.

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Update on the bug again:


Upon logging back on and trying to change a mod OTHER than Vicious Frost, the game STILL freezes and needs to be forced shut down.


Here is my mod layout:




Now as you can see I have Voltaic Strike, following by Volcanic Edge. Upon switching those two and then removing Volcanic Edge, the game freezes.


This gives me the conclusion that any changes made to your mods that include Vicious Frost will result in a game freeze.


Worst part is? I use that mod in all of my melee builds. Guess I wont be using melee until this is fixed.

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