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Warframes 4Th Skill Ultimate Actually Make It Ultimate Skill.


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Many of the Warframes have 4th skill useless on higher defence missions.
Almost all players use Fleeting expertise to make lover energy cost so the 4th skill that is as Ultimate the strongest cost only 25 energy so they can spam it.

I thinked about making 4th skills a lot stronger than they are now but the cost could be higher.

1. First of all, add one of those to the skill:
-Make 4th skill to can be leveled up while playing to make it stronger just like you are leveling in Dark Sectors conflicts, something like that.
-4Th skill is stronger with every Rank up player level, or just wait for focus system that devs are making.
-Damage scale with enemies

2. second, add something utility to this skill, Frost Avalanche freeze all enemies for 10 seconds, Mag Crush magnetize enemies in air or to the ground for 10 seconds.

3. make it cost more, and cant be buffed.
4th ability is not affected by Power range, power duration, power strength and CAN' BE AFFECTED BY POWER EFFICIENCY that means it always will cost 100 energy.

*Edited NEW*  4. Enemies affected by 4th Ultimate skill have no chance to drop Energy orb. It will make this skill less spamable because if a lot of enemies will die, they could drop 4 energy orb that means 100 energy so you can then use it again. With that there is no option for that.

It will make 4th skill as strong as a reall nuke Ultimate skill that rescues life with very good Utility and damage, But cost 100 energy always.

I'm not sure it will be 100% great idea but maybe it is, I want to hear your opinions.

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