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Archwing And Mag Prime


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part of mag primes codex entry, which im sure if when the teaser was release at tennolive and you didnt figure it out you must know from the last dev stream, mag p was using an archwing.


"I was in a dying dream. I saw a bright spot blurring and weaving toward me. I felt a tug toward it from the metal clasps on my suit. It reached me, rising up - a gleaming beast, a plume of golden wings rising and unfolding behind it. An angel. It snatched me from my death. I could feel my lungs fill as it wrapped me in its wings. Its Void Shield shimmered blue, strained under the enemy beams. I felt a suddenly tug of acceleration. I closed my eyes and held on it like a child"


as we all know from last dev stream our frames powers are replaced by the archwing we are using abilitys, since mag seems to use a pull like ability do you think this means we will see a archwing with magnetic abilitys?



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