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No Market Feedback So Close Enough, I Bet Alot Of People Complain About This Though


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Is this pack on steam or in-game? I can't find it.

The pack is on the market under bundles. It should be there; it's at the bottom. In-game I mean.


I'm sure it will be released again in a similar fashion to other retired items.

But I have my doubts that the weapon will come back anytime soon. It'll probably come back in time, but I figure that they're going to save Reinforcement Vaults for a rainy day (huge update delays or unusually long server downtime or something of that sort).


Also, in the same way that arcane helmets were available in the market in a bundle shortly after arcane helmets were retired, I believe this is the same situation. Although, I doubt many people are buying this pack, so it probably isn't a pressing matter that it's removed from the market.

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