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Nvidia Physx Lags


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Nvidia 610m is not a top tier card and has not many CUDA cores that can both calculate PhysX and render game at same time thus rendering this option unwanted on your system, you can try downloading GeForce Experience program and optimize graphical settings there.


The index of performance of Nvidia cards is ordered in this way [basic/GT/GTX]GPV where G stands for Generation of the card, P for Performance and V for greater classification, for instance GT755 is a card of 7th generation in geforce family with performance index 5/9 and having V stand 5 as it is an upgraded version of the 750 card.


And 610m is 6th gen 1/9 performance laptop card (notice the "m" at the end) thus it is even lower performing than desktop version with index of 610.


So please do not fry your system by using PhysX as this hardware abuse might cost you a shorter lifespan for your system.

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