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Tilesets, Missions And Lore: What Would You Like To See?


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Hi guys, 

Frequently I think that a game set on space has extraordinary possibilities, that, for me, are wasted. 

I don't mean different systems (i.e. Focus one), weapons, cities or common maps and so on. I mean all the things that already are in the game. 


So, here's a list.



As I said, a game set on space has a lot of possibilities. Actually we have Gas city, Ship and Outpost for Corpus, Galleon, Settlement, Forest and Shipyard for Grineer, the Infested Ship, two maps for Orokin and one for Solar Rails. 

What about all the others? I mean, there are a lot of planets/planetoids/asteroids in or near the Solar System, what about them? 

There's no need for completely new maps for these places.

For example, the Corpus Gas city, just changing something (the form, the background) could be convert to a Corpus Orbital City for Neptune, where there is no place for cities/bases on the planet 'surface' (that in fact doesn't really exist at all). 

Or what about Venus? Always the Corpus Gas City could be used as a prototype for a ground city on the surface of the planet, protected by the planet atmosphere and so on. 


These are meant to be just two examples. There are a lot many. 


Tilesets and lore: ships and fleets


Did you noticed that, in Warframe, all the 'great' factions (Grineer EMPIRE, Corpus merchant GUILD) haven't at all a fleet? The only time we're able to see a sort of 'fleet' for these factions is when we're on the Liset. 


I mean, how many ships are there? Two (aesthetically) kinds for Corpus (the square-shaped one and the round one), three for Grinner (two kinds of Galleons if I'm not wrong and the Fomorian ones). Full stop. 

Now, probably these ships are cruisers or something like that. But, have Corpus and Grineer only ONE cruiser class? Nothing else? No other cruisers? No escorts? No other battle ships? No orbital bases/stations? No orbital defence systems, for example on the asteroids from Jupiter to Saturn? Or what about a Corpus merchant ship?

In a star system at war, factions should have something to space warfrare, or not? There are a lot of different Grineer and Corpus ships that could be added to the game, both for the lore/aesthetic (Liset), both as tilesets.

Imagine to attack a Corpus escort to capture a target, instead always the same Corpus cruiser. It's always the same thing, the same mission, but with something different every time, because a player couldn't know if the target will be on a cruiser (and on WHAT kind of cruiser), or an escort, or an orbital base and so on (I made an example with Capture missioins but it's the same for all the others). 


These 'new' ships don't need to be something completely new. They're always a part of the faction fleet, to they share the same concept/style of the first ones, just a little smaller (escorts) or different (different cruisers). But, on the other hand, with a relative 'soft' work the players could have a lot more tilesets always completely different. 


Missions and units


Ok, now we'll have Archwings. Space warfrare. Good. 

But there's things that, for me, still need attention. Invasions for example. 


In a system at war we should expect to see LARGE invasions. I mean, when the Grineer attack a really important Corpus stronghold, there should be a lot bigger 'battles'. 

Where are field battles? Where are Grineer divisions/battalions or everything else? Where are armoured forces? And aircraft? And artillery? How did a faction like Grineer took an entire system just using they're Grakatas?


There could be a lot of different kind of Invasions: destroy the artillery batteries (Sabotage), intercept the convoy (interception), exterminate the enemy elite unit (Extermination), capture the enemy officier (Capture), hold the line (Defence) and so on. All of them in different scales, from a small skirmish to a field battle with armoured forces like a-grav Corpus vehicles, Grineer tanks, airfract in the sky and so on (did you see Star Wars? When Jedis guide clones platoons into battle? I mean this. The same, but with Tenno and Grineer/Corpus).




As you can see, all these things are nothing special, just little additions to already existing ones. Little corrections somewhere that could really improve the game experience.

What do you think about that? Do you feel like there is a terrible lack of tilesets and missions in the game? And how would you change (if you could) the already existing ones? 

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Mostly I'd like to see an end to the random hodge-podge swarm of every kind of enemy when fighting Corpus and Grineer. With improved spawn mechanics we could use what is already in the game to tell a little story on each tile.


1) Location-based enemy changes would be epic for lore and improving tile sets. Another example could be seeing boarding parties in the enemy territory on invasions, like all butchers, flame blades, power fists, shield lancers, guardsmen and scorpions.


2) Enemy spawns based on alert setting could actually create interest in the alert level for the sake of surviving a tough mission, or give players more control over where and how to farm specific enemy types.






"This is an industrial area of the gas planet."

All sorts of crewmen and techs with small arms mixed in together, with no drones, lanka, prods or proxies like they were working when you showed up and are afraid of you. Large numbers of proxies and drones would totally replace 50-70% of the crewman if you're on the sensors indicating crewmen are aware of you and want to hide behind their army of bots. With the alarm raised you would see almost no humanoid enemies, probably just techs and maybe the odd lanka trying to keep it's distance, but hordes of proxies and drones. Maybe even note that the location makes moas of a specific type and SPAM THE HELL out of that type, like they just flipped them all on and ran.


"This is a military barracks on a gas planet platform."

Large numbers of proxies patrolling the halls with small numbers of support crew. When you're on sensors they're replaced by very uniform spawns of Corpus like eight dera, one lanka and one tech with one shield drone. All the same color, like a unit responded to the area and ran past an armory. With the alarm raised you would see a flood of standard shooty-type proxies to support them. Railguns and lasers mostly.


"This is a location of special interest / location of a leader on a key gas platform."

Sparse hallways with few enemies, but big groups of mixed enemies in main rooms doing whatever top secret stuff they do there. If you're on sensors there's a flood of proxies that spawns close or out of cabinets even, because they're really not messing around. If the alarm is sounded the most loyal troops start dropping what they're doing and coming to the rescue to try and make sure you don't get to something important. Lots and lots of prod crewman who may not have had weapons on hand, and a mix of troops that have random weapons like they just scrambled to get the action.

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Two (aesthetically) kinds for Corpus (the square-shaped one and the round one



no... there are at least 3.


You can view little holograms of them in the energy lab in your dojo.


(I know.. totally missing the point of the thread... just wanted to point that out)




I am all for Lore.

And usually , new units /tilesets / ships are introduced along with some lore. Or the other way around.


That's why recent events were a huge dissapointment for me.


There are some interesting details on the infested corpus ships and the new ice tileset.

(For the infested ships... you see some  dead crewmen , lying where they were supposedly working. What was their job? how did they die? How do routines on said ship look like? )


(<For the ice tileset... Look into the sky and you'll see corpus ships fighting something that might be Balor formorians. Yet again Some of the crashed corpus ship on the ice tileset have infested tissue all over it.... what does it mean?)


YOu see... a lot of need for explanation.

But they don't deliver. And it's getting kinda frustrating, cuz it can't be that hard to release bits of lore every now and than. No, I am sure it isn't as hard as creating new weapons.... of which we have enough by now.

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I'd love a tileset that isn't like the Eris/Earth tilesets, and the spawn rates to accommodate the size of the mission.


Because they are godawful to traverse.


And the spawn rates for Survival on Eris are insulting, as in, one out of every 5 you run MAY have enough enemies to get you to 15 minutes. MAY. With a dedicated desecrate Nekros even.


What's sad is, Derelict Survival is even WORSE than Survival on Eris.


I wish they would fix spawn rates of maps. I really truly do.


That new Europa tileset is top notch because there isn't tons of S#&amp;&#036; getting in the way all the time. More like that and I'll be happy.


I'd like to see the Corpus Gas Giant tileset become less Corpus ship and more Gas giant.

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no... there are at least 3.


You can view little holograms of them in the energy lab in your dojo.


(I know.. totally missing the point of the thread... just wanted to point that out)


Good. However, the point is: three cruiser classes, no difference between each others as tilesets. 

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Good. However, the point is: three cruiser classes, no difference between each others as tilesets. 


mhm... unless it's the infested corpus ships - which have some very interesting details.

You basically see where the Crewmen worked and where they died, yet we do not know what they were working on or how they died. Or what was the purpose of the instruments?

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The Grineer do possess at least 3 different kinds of mining vehicles as far as I can tell. 1 is particularly tank-y (the target to destroy on Grineer asteroid sabotage missions) and could possibly be modified quite easily with a main cannon rather than a drill?


And talking about vehicles, I love the Grineer shuttle design but it's always confused me as to how anyone gets in and out of those things... XD

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