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No Reward On Completion Of Tower 4 Mobile Defense


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After completing the mission we didnt get the reward for the same. Not sure if it is an isolated incident since i only had one key. Thus, couldnt reproduce it.


Added the screenshots below


Screenshot 1:


At mission complete screen:




Screenshot 2:


Back on liset:




Screenshot 3:


Back on liset:




Hopefully if this is a bug or glitch, it can be fixed quickly.





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This has been confirmed to be a display bug and not a reward bug.


The DB shows that you received the 5xRare 5 Cores even though you don't see it correctly displayed in the left hand rewards column.


Relayed to Dev for a fix, thanks! 


Oh sweet [DE]Megan that's some great news, but there's this issue that is totally irrelevant to the topic that I wanted to ask you about. Sometimes when completing a wave on a defense mission, an osprey always gets stuck at any door making people in the squad go look for them to destroy and finish the mission. Any luck on fixing this issue?

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