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how does power throw (punch through) work on the glaive?
Because if you also add quick return (-4 bounce) it hits 1 enemy and then returns.

But if you add max power throw, it hits an enemy, goes 0.6 meters behind that enemy, and then returns, hitting the same enemy again?

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Don't use either.


Take the mods off, add in more elemental damage.


Equip the Glaive Prime, throw it, then press your channel button while it's flying around.


It'll explode and immediately come back to you. The damage should also be pretty high.


Also note with this method, you can hit an enemy with the throw, THEN detonate it to make them get hit by the explosion afterwards.


Glaive Prime 2 Strong.

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Power Throw works like any other punch through mod- the distance the mod gives (in this case, 0.6 meters) is the distance of solid material the bullet (or glaive) will pass through. So for your glaive, it's not that it will go 0.6 meters behind the enemy and then return- it's that it will go through 0.6 meters of enemies, walls, cover, or whatever, and then return (assuming it hasn't reached its max distance before then).


So, as an example, let's say that an enemy is 0.3 meters thick. Then, your glaive would go through a first enemy, come out the other side, still have 0.3 meters of punch through left (0.6 - 0.3 = 0.3), maybe hit a second enemy and travel through it if it's also 0.3 meters, and then hit a third enemy, which it won't punch through because all of the 0.6 meters have been used up. Then it will return. All of this is assuming that the enemies are close enough and the glaive doesn't reach its max distance.


I don't know that enemies are 0.3 meters, though. That's just an example.


Punch through lets you hit enemies hiding behind railings or thin walls, as well as those annoying shield lancers' shields.

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Punch Through makes projectile go pass objects and enemies for whatever number of meters listed on the mod. So, If you are using Power Through, it would go through one enemy, taking up part of the 0.6 meter punch through given (let's say an enemy's body is 0.4m, so you will have 0.2 effective punch through left once it goes through) and will continue to keep going until all of the punch through has been used up or, for the Glaive, traveled its maximum distance.


Strangely, adding a maxed Power Throw on Glaive (or Glaive Prime, at least) makes the weapon move through almost all enemies in a line (NOT including the return), even though that would exceed the listed punch through given by the mod. Also, it will never go through any other kinds of objects, such as covers unless it's on the return, when we're talking about Power Throw.

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