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Question About Rare Warframe Mods



I'm doing the math and I'm a little confused.


What would the power efficiency % of a warframe with a maxes Blind rage and Fleeting expertise?


Apparently according to my calculations it would be 5%PE? But then when I did math to see how it worked out practically I found that skills cost a 100 energy skill ended up costing 62 (with blind rage first in the mod slot and fleeting 2nd).


But that means the skill is only 62% efficient no? Am I doing something wrong here?


How much PE% would a warframe have with maxed Blind rage and Fleeting expertise?

How much would a 100 energy skill cost?



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Guest Tehnoobshow

It's not power efficiency. It's cost reduction. The description is wrong.


Just increase or decrease the cost of the ability by the percentage shown on the mods you have equipped.

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Remember that PE is capped at 75% no matter what, meaning a 100 cost ability will never cost less than 25 power.


Also 62 cost means 38% "efficiency" according to the game.


Anyways.  It'd be 5% efficiency, so the power would cost 95 energy.

-55% efficiency for Blind Rage with +60% for Fleeting Expertise.

Makes it +5% leftover.  So you get 5% off.

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Max Fleeting is 60% efficiency, which removed 60% of cast cost:




Max Blind rage has a draw back of 55% of efficiency, since you've got 60% positive efficiency, then you're still in the positive:




100-(100*0.05)=95 so both maxed, the cast cost of a 100 power is 95.


Full math: 100 - [100*(0.6-0.55)]=95 

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Thanks you guys, the reason why I was confused was because I thought it worked like this

-55% would cause the skill to cost 155, then add the +60% would cause it to become 62 (because 60% of 155 is 93 and take that away to make the positive PE)  would cause the skill to be 62 (155-(155*0.6)=62)

But I realized it all seems to be based off the original cost of the skill.

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