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Question, Archwing And Game Modes


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I had a random thought...will ArchWing only be available for "exterminate" type missions? Or I guess...In this case probably closer to sabotauge, but still...Is there any plans by DE to potentially support other game modes that use the Archwing? Such as maybe an Extraction mission in space, or defense mission.


Going off of that...how do these Archwing missions start? Will they be RNG based or something closer to the Extraction event we did, with a special mission type? Primarily, I'd like it if there were missions that...well Start us off in the Archwing. I mean....this thing has A LOT of potential.


Imagine it. Instead of just dropping from a vent onto a corpus ship we blast from our ships, Archwing deploys, and we assault the ship, and then blow open a window, jump inside, seal off the ship, and go about our business.

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1) We don't know. More than likely it will start off with a single game mode then expand into other things when they feel they are ready.


2) We do not know. We can assume that it will either be random at times or there will be dedicated sections. Like above, it could start off one way then expand into additional things.

I hope its random. I miss the random faction swaps and objective changes. They kept things interesting.

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