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R5 Cores In T4 Survival....limited Or Not?



so today, I played a t4 survival with my 3 friends, we lasted a little over 25min, and I clearly remember what loot we got:
after 5 min is sur: 5 rare cores
after 10 min in sur: 5 rare cores
after 15 min is sur: 5 rare cores
after 20 min is sur: forma
after 25 min in sur: 5 rare cores

so as you see, I should get 20 rare cores, but when the game is over and the window that shows how the players did and what resources and mods we got showed up, I noticed that I only got 15 r5 rare cores, so I'm asking is there what a limit to how many rare cores you get, or is it a bug or something? and I'm very sure that I got those things, my memory is strong ;)

thank you for the help

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