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Boar Prime Procs


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Apparently the Boar Prime doesnt have 99% chance when it says it got it. I had 99% and ran around shotin' stuffs like pew pew pew but there was no procs! I mean yea sure every once in a while the fire 'SPLOEDED and I had fun... But no way in heaven I'm so unlucky to only get one proc every 7 enemy (Aprox.). Or am I? 

Boar Prime needs 100% Status chance for it to proc more than three times in a row. I mean c'mon... It's at 99.1... :(

MODS: Hell's Chamber[Max]   Blaze[Max]   Frigid Blast[Max]   Scattering Inferno[Max]   Icendiary Coat[Max]   Point Blank[Max] 

Which will produce this: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/540753385117415189/5884A554E22C3D2BE4F3E2BE430E4240E8D62047/

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It comes down to a mixture of RNG and shotgun mechanics unfortunately. Shotgun mechanic wise the proc chance displayed is if every pellet hits the enemy so unless youre up close, some will miss. On top of that if you kill an enemy with say, 5 pellets, another 5 that could potentially have procced dont have a live target and so that proc is wasted.


On top of that you have RNG, while you would think that say 10% proc chance per pellet would even out and produce the proc rate displayed, RNG gets thrown in there so its a whole lot less reliable than a single shot 99% proc such as on the marelok or something.

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Yup, it happened to everyone, and apparently those 99.1% status chance you got will be divided into how many pallets in that particular shot not the whole bunch for it... for example boar prime with multishot have 19 pallet and that will be 99.1 status chance divide by 19 pallet = 5.21% per pallet , which means you basically have only 5.21% status chance * i think... dun kill me if im wrong*

*dunno how many pallets does boar priem with multishot will produce but that calculation is an example only*

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I've posted this somewhere else, but I believe the status chance is the probability of at least 1 pellet procing. So basically, it's the inverse of not procing at all.


Let's use Tar's Boar as an example with 19 pellets


1 - (no procs) = 99%

no proc = 1% = 0.01

no proc per pellet = (0.01)^(1/19) = 0.78

proc per pellet = 1 - 0.78 = 0.22 = 22%


So each pellet has a status chance of 22%. Still pretty low

It's like throwing 18 dices, yeah there's a decent chance of getting at least 1 six, but it's still 1/6 for each dice and they're independent of each other.

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Proc chance and Crit Chance are spread between all pellets. So if you have 20 pellets on your boar prime, you have about a 5 percent chance per pellet to proc/crit with 99 percent -if all pellets hit the target- ..which is honestly crap.


They did this to shotguns as well as with critical chance. Proc and crit builds on shotties are almost worthless since this change, and it's quite an old one. That's pretty much when I dropped shotties as good viable primaries and I only use them for random fun now.

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