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Ankyros Prime Build



I haven't quite gotten one yet, but I'm working towards it. I even came up with a build of my own.




I call it: the Star Platinum build. Making use of as many speed mods as I can to deal super fast punches! I thought about adding an element, but I ran out of room.


If you guys have any ideas, I'd love to hear it. Just don't touch the speed, I want the speed over anything else ;;

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Star Platinum? Good taste. You'll want to slide in Focus Energy, though. Might even try for a channeling/crit build, but I kinda understand how that might be tough to slot in. Berserker, Quickening, Fury, and Pressure Point are your most vital mods, then True Steel. I'm not sure how Organ Shatter measures up against an elemental, while Reach has utility but kinda hurts the damage output... If you're going to be channeling with Quickening, you might want to slap on Killing Blow to make it more worth it. TBH, if you're using Quickening to get max speed, you're going to want to slot in Killing Blow & Focus Energy somehow.

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