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Custom - Mission -Node... Y Or N?


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a mission where you can customize:




-map type

-map size

-mission level

-level scaling

-Nightmare mode (pros & cons)

-extent of mission objective (like longer time guarding mobile defense objective)


However, you get no:

-mod drops from custom game.

-resources from kills


What you get is:

-exp from kills


-health/energy orb

-Records on your profile.





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A giant yes to something like this. Being able to experience all the different environments at any level would be a big plus. Perhaps there can be a Dojo "mission crafting" sort of like the way "crafted maps" work in Path of Exile.  Maybe not a full on sandbox mode, but a way to have some control over the range of missions you'd like to be presented with. Nightmare mode currently is a way to experience lower level environments tuned to higher-level loadouts, but the nightmare mission modifiers are a bit too random and drastically varying.

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