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Limited Edition Excalibur Statue


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Hi all, juz want to know anyone who pre-ordered online have received it or not.

Also, is there anyway to track the product? Im a little worried as I will be* going abroad to UK for my final year in degree in a few days.

& I live in Malaysia by the way.

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Thank you Kinperor for the info! and Flaccid_Potato too (Y) lol

but still is there anyway we can track it? like to know where it is now?


Didn't DE send you a tracking number via E-mail? If they didn't, then you can't really unless you guessed both the carrier (IE UPS or whatever you have in Malaysia) and the tracking number (which are about 25 numbers).


I'd tell you to make a support, but I doubt it'll help with the extreme backlog they are going through currently. You'll probably get the statue before getting an update on the ticket. 

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