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Scindo Prime Design


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I must say i'm a little disappointed in the design of Scindo Prime ..

it looks like Lollipop in comparison to the original ...

Looking at Bo Prime i was hoping for something more .. something massive and majestic and fearful in the eyes of the enemies ..

Something that would make Rhino Prime even more Fearsome 


for exp 


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I think that handle is definietly to short.You can check on google battle axes and they have got at least 2x longer handle than scindo prime.

Take a look:


this weapon looks more like one handed axe not 2h weapon

The handle could be more massive in my opinion.

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I like the design, is more like the old prime warframes simple but good looking.



indeed :3




ok so look at the Reaper Prime .. and then look at the new Scindo Prime ... 

and u will see what i have in mind .. 


the new Scindo Prime looks like it was made from PCV .. ( plastic ) 

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