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Consider A New Way To Reward Prime Parts


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This isn't a thread about the dilution; there isn't much you can do except add more missions do even the load.


I was thinking, though, that because the load of rewards is starting to pile up in the void, it's going to get continuously harder as time goes on. I've already heard horror stories for Nyx, remembering Loki's hell, and.....how easy Frost Prime was to get...


So, perhaps the devs should consider an alternate way to reward primes? I was thinking along the lines of Mirage's quest, where you were, essentially, ensured that you'd get every part of you did the quest right. The difficulty could be ramped up for the sake of making it worth the reward. Harder riddles? But then people would catch wind and tell the secret....but you get the idea.


I'm just saying the devs should really consider looking at new ways to reward prime parts, as it is going to get harder to get the parts you want as time goes on and the rng pool gets larger.

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Dev stream 31

Sheldon: Our first attempt to reward getting prime parts was to make them tradeable, which somewhat alleviated the problem. Post U14, we're looking for a way to get value our of prime parts that may not be worth as much. I don't want to give away too much, but stay tuned.
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It would function as a quest. The requirement would be having the non-prime version and a stock of keys to build keys for missions, ala Mirage.


Prototype would like this:

To start quest: have Nyx

Key Number One: 1 T1 Capture key, 1 T1 Exterminate key, 1 T1 Survival key, 1 Gallium; reward Nyx Prime helmet

Key Number Two: 1 T2 Defense key, 1 T2 Mobile Defense key, 1 T2 Capture key, 1 Gallium; reward Nyx Prime chassis

Key Number Three: 1 T3 Exterminate key, 1 T3 Defense key, 1 T3 Survival key, 1 Gallium; reward Nyx Prime systems

Key Number Four: 1 T4 Interception key, 1 T4 Mobile Defense key, 1 T4 Capture key, 3 Gallium; reward Nyx Prime blueprint



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