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The Order has limited space available



The Order

Currently there are 28 member clans part of our awesome alliance; including a majority of the top ranked clans in the game; including Watermelon and Lock n Load. Our primary goal is to be a great community, where we all have fun and enjoy playing warframe together, and world domination just comes with the title of being awesome!


Alliance chat channel is consistently larger then any region chat, with an active community of players looking to run voids, dark sectors, alerts, events, and Orokin derelict.


Weekly platinum challenges! Each week we host events on our dark sectors with prizes given out to the winners of the competition! Our weekly challenges are open to the public, feel free to compete to see if your squad can get the top leaderboard spot!


Nightly Trivia! We've begun a nightly trivia tradition on our alliance chat! Movies, History, TV Shows, Video Games, and many more categories are asked with winners receiving Rare/Nightmare/Corrupted Mods, small amounts of Platinum, and Prime Parts!



Dark Sectors

We're actively involved in world domination purge of the unclean Tbagging the 'resistance' bringing Order


Our current holdings:

Seimeni (Ceres) Defense

Akkad (Eris)  Defense

Zabala (Eris) Survival

Cholistan (Europa) Excavation

Cameria (Jupiter) Survival

Sinai (Jupiter) Defense

Wahiba (Mars) Survival

Memphis (Phobos) Defense

Zeugma (Phobos) Excavation

Sechura (Pluto) Defense

Caracol (Saturn) Defense

Piscinas (Saturn) Survival

Ur (Uranus) Defense

Malva (Venus) Excavation

Romula (Venus) Defense


We're a low tax dark sector holder, of 15% or less, providing all players with great opportunities to play dark sectors and earn LOTS of credits, XP, and resources!


Council of Warlords

All Warlords and Officers from our clans are welcome to be actively involved in the direction of the alliance by participating in our council. We communicate nearly 24/7 about what's going on in Warframe. We now require at least 1 representative join the council.



We're looking for any sized active clans who want to help capture more dark sectors and be involved in our great community! Since we are capacity restrained, we urge all clans to fill their available capacity to its fullest (Ghost / 10, Shadow / 30) as close as they can! We impose a 75% active player minimum, if you're still on your way to grow your clan please checkout our sister alliance Arbiter's Covenant! Transfers are common between our two alliances depending on your needs! Mergers are available, there are many clans who are open for sharing leadership with incoming mergers.


Contact Extrokold, CamFred, Xodus03 or respond below to join!

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         I am the leader of Lock n Load and just wanted to add that along with everything that Kold has said above being true... we also take into consideration the opinions and strategic advise of anyone showing that they can and have positively contributed as well as shown an active interest in the affairs of the alliance.


    With Kold as an active leader, and the list of top clans that are already involved, there should always be an active community of players (bigger than any regional chat like he said) to meet up and mingle with. Also individual clans have been planning inter-alliance activities such as void nights (for people who can't easily find squads), individual and clan PVP tournaments with prizes (Some entry fee's may apply simply to limit space) and organized solar rail invasions/squads.


So be sure to hit up Kold or myself to discuss possible alliance options or even to join one of our clans!

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Guest (XB1)IronLion95

Hi looking to join your alliance,

My clan is Wraith Ascendants

We Have 25 members and are looking to join a big alliance and help with dark sectors,

If you could send alliance inv to the clan that'd be great thanks. No rush whenever possible thanks.

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