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Question About Forma Melee Weapon



Hi , I maybe got the answer of my own question but want to make 100% sure that I'm right about that so here to start :


I've Scindo Prime , I don't live the V on it want to change for another one , But I also find that it would be nice to keep /


move that V , So i was thinking If i put my forma in normal slot (not in the stance) Will I be able to keep the V (I mean move it away) and put the one that i want instead theire?


(Not sure if i was clear...) 

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Forma is used to add/replace one slot of your choice every reset.

So if you pick a slot to forma, it only impacts that one slot permanently allowing for easier build creations for factions or just alternating polarities for different stances (Stance or Not).

Here is the answer:

Scindo Prime has a (Stance Polarity). If you forma it, then you can change that slots polarity whenever you want to. NOT UNFORMA'D SLOTS. Tell me if you have any more questions.

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What first reply said, plus, CHANGING V-Polarity?? Why would you ever do that on a weapon??? V-Polarity is suited for best damage mods out there, for like any weapon.


Just want to change so I can put the "rare stance" withouth losing any kind of bonus (So yea basicly I'll just move the "Madurai / V" and put the others one

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