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Miter Has Severe Accuracy Bug With Heavy Caliber And Split Barrel


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The Miter is basically unplayable with heavy caliber and split barrel both equipped because the disc impacts are nowhere near the reticle except at point blank range.


The accuracy deviations are both incredibly severe, which perhaps is intended, but also REPEATABLE, which must be a bug.


Here are some screenshots with accompanying explanations.


First a Miter with heavy caliber (rank 8) and split barrel (max rank) only equipped



Notice the double impact to the far right and the far left. The range is extreme. I repeated this shot 40 times and 37 of these times i got EXACTLY THE SAME SHOT TRAJECTORIES for both discs. This is clearly a bug, heavy caliber should be random.


The 3 times i got something different was when multishot didnt trigger and i only fired one disc. These 3 times looked like this














Because no experiment is complete without some control measurements, here are some screen caps of shot trajectories with only heavy caliber (rank 8) equipped. No split barrel.





and another one



The accuracy deviations were random but exclusively to the right of the reticle, which might also be a bug. On the other hand my sample size was small (about 20 times).












Lastly, here is a screenshot of the shot trajectory with no heavy caliber equipped, but split barrel (max rank) and a many other mods equipped.




Notice the dual disc impact centered on the reticle precisely, even at extreme range.


All these screen shots were taken using the same frame, same frame mods, same location, same everything except for which weapon mods were equipped.


In conclusion, heavy caliber and split barrel is clearly bugged, just heavy caliber might also be bugged (accuracy deviations might be insufficiently random).




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The OP actually has a point.  I did some checking and even with a maxed heavy caliber equiped the Miter still has an accuracy value of 55.  It should still be accurate enough to do the job.  I have an almost maxed HC on my Boltor Prime and the loss is barely even noticeable and the accuracy value on that gun is below 30.  A gun with more accuracy should be more accurate.  If the Miter is less accurate than my Boltor Prime, it should be shown in the weapon's stat read-out.



heavy caliber reduces accuracy for weapons like this, penta, and ogris by alot for than other weapons


I cannot verity if this is true or not (as I am not able to play the game right at this moment) but if it is true then DE needs to include some kind of note/explaination regarding the severe accuracy loss.


But the accuracy loss isn't what the OP is worried about, I'm sure they understand that.  The issue is that the accuracy lost from HC becomes MUCH larger when Split Chamber is equipped.  Split chamber should not have an impact on a gun's accuracy.


So the bug is not the lost accuracy, but rather that the loss is increased by split chamber.

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the OP has a point here.


heavy caliber does reduce accuracy, but it seems that in this case split chamber makes the accuracy loss worse than the weapon would be without it and even then the projectile trajectories are consistent between shots.


there does seem to be some issue here and this is exactly the types of bugs that should be brought to the attention of DE.


the miter is a very under-utilized weapon, good catch.

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Haha still nobody knowing why it does that, try applying multishot and it will shoot the blades in V shape, its working as intended and the accuracy of Miter is 100% on every case, you have to shoot in angle to land every single shot where you want it to hit.


First shot will hit the right side, second from multishot will go to left side, creating V shape. use the accurate V shape to your advantage, it's 100% accurate.

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Heavy Caliber appears to bug the multishot, making the physics engine think the discs are colliding and bouncing off each other.  There was a similar issue with the Quanta's alt-fire, but in that case Heavy Caliber made the two projectiles separate enough that they wouldn't collide.

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