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Being The Clan Architect Can Be So Annoying!


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I have planned the hell out of all the rooms that can be built or will be built and their potential uses and so on. 


However, there is one thing that always ends up annoying me and that is the placement of decoration. Here is an example:




I can potentially put this water fountain in an absolutely ridiculous place and defy all the laws of physics but I cant do this;






This stuff keeps me up at night and this is only one example. When I am trying to put flags up and other decor, I can't even acheive the symetrical and ideal positions even though the opposing walls may be identical!?


Can anyone relate? (or am I the only tenno rocking in the corner imagining the asymmetrical, unfinished infuriating thing that is my clan dojo)





.... Please say I'm not

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i just want a better system than the room attachment system. i would like to be able to plan the dojo so i dont hit the limit wall.


But i also completly agree with OP i wanted to put that exact fountain in a hallway, but couldn't place it on the floor. but the walls were ok.

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I've founded my own clan, and being the paranoid jerk that i am, i don't trust anyone else to build anything in it. Therefore i have felt all this pain, the faults of the Dojo building is starting to make my hair fall out!


Illogical placement options like mentioned! Impossiblity to plan room layouts! Forced to delete whole series of room when wanting to replace a single room! Too little content and decorations! (especially ones that fit into the sterile-looking regular rooms) ...And really odd lighting on some decorations, anyone noticed that? The benches and things i put into one of the sand gardens have a sickening blue hue that stand out like a sore thumb.

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Forced to delete whole series of room when wanting to replace a single room!

This is my nemisis. I am still trying to figure out how to delete a few rooms without tearing down my entire dojo. I wouldn't mind rebuilding except for that frustrating clan scaling resource bs.


Me: 'I'll get more members to help contribute to building things'

DE: 'now you need more resource because you got more members'

Me: 'how does this make sense?'

DE; *crickets*

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