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Hotfix 14.10.2 +


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  • New Shifting Sands Tactical Alert! Our operatives have discovered an unusually rich Cryotic deposit in a remote region of the Phobos desert…

Tactical Alert will run until Tuesday the 14th at 12pm EDT.



500 Points: Forma Blueprint

1000 Points: Affinity Booster

2000 Points: Stratos Emblem- Reminder, this Emblem evolves with each Tactical Alert. (https://warframe.com...erts-are-coming)


Points are not accumulative. The more you excavate in one run, the better your score will be.


There are no Leaderboards in-game for this Tactical Alert, but you can check out this link to see whose currently at the top: http://content.warfr...iftingSands.php

Raw Data for those that want it: http://content.warfr...tingSandsJS.php



  • Reduced the amount of tile duplication seen in Forest and Settlement Excavation missions.
  • Affinity bonuses will no longer be awarded on failed mission.


  • Fixed an issue with Excavators not always appearing right away when entering the objective area during Excavation missions.
  • Fixed an issue with Excavation sites being layered on top of each other during Excavation missions.
  • Fixed an invite exploit that would allow players to enter Conclaves despite not having the proper level requirement.
  • Fixed an issue with Conclave ratings not properly updating when equipping/unequipping mods.
  • Fixed an issue with sale items in the Market not properly displaying the discount %.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm being continually in use when casted while holding a power cell/datamass.
  • Fixed players window repositioning upon changing in-game settings.
  • Fixed Grineer Capture Target showing a Corpus model in Codex.






  • Fixed resource boosters doubling personal best score for Shifting Sands.
  • Fixed loading screen crash.

*Note: No earned rewards or personal best scores will be revoked!

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