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Which Is Considered The Best Dual Pistols?



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AKStillettos are incredibly fun and a great compliment to low rate of fire and/or slow reload weapons.  They're also incredibly accurate.


AKMagnus and AKVastos sit in the realm of trade offs between each other: the latter places a stronger emphasis on crit and status, the latter more on constantly firing with shorter reloads and slightly greater dps (crit and status isn't slouching either.)


Twin Gremlins are eerily satisfying, despite being functionally similar to the AKBoltos, which are one of the better secondaries in raw DPS.  AKBoltos also have the weird trait of actually being better than their singular cousin in that they really don't suffer any accuracy loss, just a reload speed reduction.  Even the AKMagnus and AKVastos come with more substantial trade offs to their singular cousins, though the former gets a lot more over their singular counterpart than the latter.

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